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Richard originally trained as a scientist (Human genetics) and had a career change some years ago to follow a passion for furniture making.

Richard designs and hand makes one off bespoke pieces of furniture using both modern and traditional methods with an emphasis on quality and longevity. 


He typically works with wood from locally sourced trees with established provenance including lesser-known wood such as London plane. Each piece is carefully crafted to show the unique character and feature of the wood. 

His pieces are usually for the home, including tables, cabinets, bookcases but he will also work on commercial briefs on request.   Richard works with a client on the original design brief and choosing the wood through to the finished article.

And more about wood...

Trees and the wood they produce are important. The timber Richard uses generally comes from the London area, from trees that have fallen or been felled out of necessity. The wood has a history written within the features of the wood. The London plane trees from Euston, London, contain shrapnel from WII bombs. The trees, which would otherwise be burned or chipped,  have been saved thanks to the efforts of Bruce Saunders ( and given a new life.

To paraphrase the author Richard Powers (The Overstory) 'what is made from a tree should be at least as miraculous as the tree from which it came'. 

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